Transaction Features

Loan Amounts: $20 - $750 million

Loan Term: 2 – 6 years

Recourse: Typically, most deals are recourse deals.

Prepayment: Loans generally may be prepaid at any time after 3 years without penalty. Prepayment penalties may be required for shorter terms.

Loan to Value: Loan amounts can be up to 75% of the Bank’s approved appraised value. In special circumstances, we will do stretch transactions up to 85%.

Loan Rates: Rates are customized per transaction based on risk and underwriting factors. 

Origination Fee: Typically one percent

Commitment Fee: Typically one percent

Loan Collateral: Real estate assets. We specialize in land and other commercial property types (e.g., hotels and special purpose properties). We also provide “bridge loans” on traditional multi-family, retail and office properties that need to be turned around before they can qualify for conventional loan underwriting.

Quick Response: We have in-house staff for most preliminary market, engineering, and legal reviews, allowing us to quickly quote specific loan terms based on information provided in the loan request.

One-Stop Shopping: We originate loans for our own portfolio so the borrower saves time and money dealing with one lender and one set of due diligence and closing personnel.

Loan Flexibility: We will strive to tailor a loan structure to fit your deal, unlike so many other institutions that require your deal to fit their structure.